Rogers Ceases Broadcasting of CityNews Channel: The Latest, The Response.


In the late 90’s, CityNews (known as CityPulse) lanuched CablePulse24, Toronto’s first 24 hour news station. It became very successful, making CityPulse ranking #1 every time on their 6pm Newscast. All of that stopped as CP24 was bought by CTVGlobeMedia (now Bell Media). CityNews came back to the 24-hour news station scene as they launch CityNews Channel. At first it was only on Rogers and Cogeco, but it was really worth watching for when it launched it’s livestream on the internet. And then today Rogers announced they will be shutting down the channel effectively Thursday so they can focus more on 680 News, the only 24-hour news station that has ties with CityNews. In my opinion I find this heartbreaking, since I thought at first this can spark a new generation for CityNews. But I guess were going back with CityNews at regular intervals, 5, 6 and 11.

Report from The Globe and Mail

Rogers Communications Inc. is pulling the plug on its specialty CityNews channel after 20 months of operation.

Scott Moore, president of broadcast at the Rogers Media division, announced the decision to immediately shut down the channel on Thursday.

He also said Rogers is ending the English-language South Asian newscast as well as production operations in Alberta.

“Today, we made changes to the company’s television strategy to reflect evolving viewer habits and the global structural shift in advertising,” he said in a statement.

The new strategy is to focus news resources in Toronto on Rogers’ 24-hour news radio station 680News as well as its CityNews on City television program, he said.

The changes will affect 2.5 per cent of the broadcast unit’s work force, he said.

Reports say 62 jobs will be lost.

“While difficult, these changes enable us to continue to focus our efforts where we know the market is growing, while helping us to effectively manage our costs,” said Mr. Moore.

Rogers launched CityNews in October of 2011, drawing on resources and personalities from other media properties such as 680News, Sportsnet, Maclean’s magazine and MoneySense.

CityNews borrowed the 680News radio format, with regular traffic, weather, sports and business updates throughout the day.

The federal broadcast regulator granted Rogers the license for CityNews in late 2008.

Meanwhile on Social Media, everyone was outraged that the channel is closing. Here is some responses. Because of privacy I will not reveal the names.

So disappointed that CityNews Channel is gone!! I am not able to catch the news at the usual times, so loved this channel. Please bring it back!

I miss CityNews Channel:(. It was and will forever will be the best.

It would appear the bean counters at Rogers have axed the CityNews live channel. Unbelievable stupidity on their part. To everyone at CityNews, Thank You for the exceptional work you have done. You will be sorely missed!

So, the rumours are true. CityNews Channel has shut down. I’m very disappointed to say the least

Bring back channel 15 😦

SO disappointed this morning when I went to turn on Citynews Channel and it was no longer live!! What happened?!? I love the personalities and the great, up to date stories and news. Now I’m stuck with the other 24 hour channel that repeats itself constantly and has boring, egotistical on air Reporters. PLEASE reconsider this decision Rogers!

I’m extremely sorry to hear that CityNews Channel 15 has been shut down.
I had my TV tuned to this channel 60% of the time, if not more. I thought it was the most valuable channel Rogers offered.

More soon…


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