Leslie Roberts becomes host of Global Toronto’s The Morning Show


Veteran Broadcaster and Anchor of Global Toronto’s Flagship Newscast to Join Liza Fromer, Kris Reyes and Rosey Edeh Beginning Monday, June 17 and Global Toronto’s Carolyn MacKenzie to Anchor News Hour Final.

Press Release by Shaw below…

TORONTO, June 5, 2013 – Global News is pleased to reveal that Leslie Roberts, Anchor of Global Toronto’s flagship News Hour newscast, will be taking on additional duties as the permanent host for The Morning Show’s national edition. An award-winning journalist, Roberts brings a wealth of broadcast experience, a keen news sense and an informed viewpoint to the show’s unique conversational style. Roberts will join Liza Fromer, Kris Reyes and Rosey Edeh on-air from 9-9:30am ET beginning Monday, June 17.

“Not only is Leslie a consummate professional with years of experience in front of the camera, he is also a great conversationalist and is well-versed on everything from politics to pop culture,” says Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President, Global News. “Leslie’s chemistry with the rest of The Morning Show team throughout his guest host appearances has been outstanding, and we’re excited to have him contribute to the already energized and intelligent on-air discussion on a daily basis.”



Global News Toronto – 2013 News Hour Open


Today, Global News debuted the the opening titles for Toronto’s News Hour. Was suppose to debut Monday, but delayed due to the Boston Bombings, making News Hour start with a special intro. Anyway new graphics, set and everything. L3s seems reminiscent to the 2006-2011 graphics which IMO are the worst Global News has made however I do prefer these one over that. No sign of the 2011-2013 L3s either, which was the best L3s seen on Canadian News television. The new graphics are based from the Global Television Network graphics for promos, etc, making Global to be the first network in Canada to has the same graphics for entertainment, news and sports programming. (Take that, CTV) Anyway, enjoy the video and I’ll try to get more videos with the new Global News graphics.